How to solve “Error 2046” while watching Flash videos

If you’ve ever experienced an error while watching a Flash video that read something like “Error 2046” or similar, the problem can be fixed by either increasing the Adobe Flash local storage space, (also known as “Flash cookies”) or deleting them.


To do this, follow the below steps:


  1. Linux: Open the Adobe Flash settings by navigating to System – Preferences – Adobe Flash Player & click “Delete All”. This works for the Gnome desktop.
  2. Windows: Open the Flash player settings. I believe this can be done by either right clicking on a Flash video, or by navigating to it from the Start Menu. Either increase the storage space or delete the Flash cookies.
  3. The third step can be implemented on any Operating System, and works on the Firefox browser. Installing the add-on “BetterPrivacy” and configure it to delete LSO’s (Long Term Storage/Flash Cookies) upon closing the browser.
  4. Try playing the video after performing any of the above methods. You should not see the “Error 2046” anymore and the video should load without issues.

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